Private Clients

We pride ourselves on our discretion and our own experience in the world in which UHNWIs operate.

We advise on the international development of individuals' businesses, family offices and foundations. Our team has significant and market-leading experience in guiding individuals through the challenges of how to receive the most appropriate advice and to create broad personal-professional strategies, as they expand their operations around the world. 
We are market leaders in transforming individuals' image perception and name/brand search results, led by appropriate content generation, strategic planning, and personal search engine optimisation techniques drawn from the media frontline.
We vet introductions for clients to media, strategy, branding and creative agencies and guide clients through the management of projects and strategy.
Through our network we introduce significant individuals to others of similar global standing and trustworthiness; and to other organisations that can further their strategic ends.
We provide further analysis and planning in the following areas: content creation for major international events; development of charitable foundations; development of art and culture programs; acquisition of super-prime property for development.